Alternative Of 123movies

Streaming movies or your favorite TV shows online is no more a task anymore, and there are lots of websites that let you stream content. But most of the streaming platforms are premium, and the charges are really high. But why pay premium prices when you can get all those things for free?

123movies is among the best free movie streaming sites on the internet. Sadly, 123movies was removed from the internet around 2018 due to some piracy errors. Not to worry, though, as there are many 123 movies alternatives on the internet that serve the same thing. 

Almost all the sites mentioned here below share some of the same features and content as the 123movies. So, you can continue watching your favorite movies and TV shows for free online on your device anywhere you want.

All the123movies alternativeswebsite comes with some of the amazing content and also loaded features that you may not even see on other premium streaming platforms. The only thing you need to take care of is getting a VPN or an AdBlocker on your device, as some sites may be banned in your country by the ruling government.

So, you can access every site on the go with a free VPN, and Ad Blocker will help you get rid of those annoying ads even while streaming. Now, let’s have a look at the bestalternatives to 123movies where you can stream your favorite shows and movies online for free.




  1. Popcornflix:

Popcornflix is one of the bestalternatives of 123movies with huge collections of movies, TV Shows and Viral video in their database. If you are into free movies or TV shows streaming’s, you must have already known about this website, as it has already been in the business for a long time.

The built-in video player is amazing to use, and all the shortcuts work here seamlessly. Also, you can easily toggle with the picture quality too. The only thing bad about Popcornflix is that the website doesn’t have any Genre categorization of the movies and TV shows, which makes it really hard to find any movies.

You obviously have a search engine on the website, but then you cannot always remember movies or shows names, right? Also, there is no rating information on the website. So, if you are also like who watches all shows or movies by their rating, then you may need to work a little hard to get the rating from the internet.

Other than that, you can find some of the best contents on the Popcornflix website. Also, if you are facing any issues while playing movies or shows, then you can always use VPN in that case. As some of the content of the website may be banned in your country, so using a free VPN will solve all that problem. 


  1. Cmovies:

If you are looking for good English movies or shows and features packed website, then Cmovies is the thing for you that can be a good 123movies alternative. The website looks premium and easy to use, also has lots of amazing content, just like the other streaming websites.

You can easily stream your favorite content here without doing any kind of registration. The best part about this website is that, unlike Popcornflix, Cmovies comes with proper Genre wise categorizations of movies. Also, you can filter the content of this website with the top IMDB rating.

So, you can search your desired content on the go easily without any hassle. If you didn’t come through your desired movies or shows on the website, then you can also request for the content to the customer support team. 

Other than all these amazing features, the website comes with amazing graphics, which looks really cool. Also, you can see if the movie that you will watch come in HD quality or not, as they clearly mention everything in the movie poster itself with the icon. Now you will not have any complaint of you unable to stream your favorite movies in HD quality. 


  1. Vexmovies:

With a very simple design, Vexmovies is also one of the popular free movies streaming website on the internet. The website is also very popular among the users, as they bring huge numbers of newly released movies or shows which is a really amazing thing.

Talking about the features, the website comes up with one of the best features, just like the Cmovies site. Here also, you will get all the movies organized in their respective Genre making it easy to search for your desired movies to stream.

Not only genres, but you will also get movies organized in their release year, which is an extra feature. Also, you can leave a comment on the movies you streamed, leaving your personal reviews.

This can also help other visitors judge if the movie is really worth watching or not. Also, you can join their social media platform, where you can also get in touch with other users.

Well, speaking about the in-built video player, it is very simple with very few options. But while streaming any movies, you can select from 7 servers, so if you are facing any issue with one, then you can easily toggle into another server.


  1. SolarMovie

If you ask which is my favorite when it comes to online free movie streaming sites, then SolarMovie it is. This website doesn’t come with anything like a neat design for easy navigation, but the features and options it has to offer is really amazing.

Yes, the website looks really messy, but I am sure you will be able to navigate yourself through all the options on the website. Like the other popular movies streaming sites, this also comes with proper movies and shows categorization by their Genres and release country.

Also, you can check on the recently added, Top IMDB and also mostly viewed movies on the website. Apart from all these features, the website also lets you download movies or shows on your device, which is a unique thing in itself.

You can easily check out If any movies or shows is available in HD picture quality or not by the poster, as everything is mentioned. You can also read the description of the movies or shows before streaming them.

Well, the built-in video player is amazing to use, but you will not get multiple servers to toggle from. As Solarmovies promises to give you an error-free streaming platform which makes it one of the best 123movies alternatives.


  1. AZmovies

With a funky web design, AZmovies is also somewhat popular among users on the internet. The website is recently released on the internet with all the popular south Asian movies.

Actually, this website is mainly popular for streaming South Asian movies. You can find the content of different types; let it be super hyped or underrated. Like the other free streaming sites, AZmovies also comes with Genre wise and Year wise organizations of movies.

This makes it really easy to find your favorite movies to stream directly. Also, there is a Featured option on the website where you can check out the best pick of movies by the website team itself.

So if you are looking for the best new movies, then you can always take the help of the Featured section, as it will have listed all the good new movies.

Apart from all these amazing features of the website, the streaming experience is also made very easy. Simply click on the movie poster you want to stream, and you can start streaming for free.

They have two servers in which you can stream movies or shows; if you are having issues with one server, then you can surely shift to another one. You can also get connected with them on Reddit, Twitter and email.


  1. TubiTV

If you want to stream only free TV shows, then TubiTV is also one of the bestalternatives to 123movies. This website is mainly known for its massive TV series collections and the interface of the website. TubiTV looks really premium with all the layouts, features and everything.

You can also add your favorite show to your “Add to My List,” but for that first, you will need to register yourself on the website. Also, the streaming process is very easy, and there is no servers problem also which you need to face.

So you can directly on the show poster you want to stream, and it will start playing on the go. You can also share your favorite TV shows with your friends with the share option available on the website.

The best part about TubiTV is that now you can even download their app on your Android and iOS device. So you can directly open the app on your mobile and start streaming your favorite TV shows for free, and no more entering the website on the internet.

Yes, the content here are also categorized in their Genre like comedy, Sci-fi, romantic and much more. The only thing is that you may face some issues with the ads, but using some adblocker on your device solves the problem seamlessly.


  1. Viooz4k

If you love streaming all kind of newly released movies, let it be Bollywood or Hollywood, then Viooz4k is the go-to website for you. The site is very well designed and gets regularly updated with new content as soon as when it gets released in the market.

You can also check out what are the movies that are soon going to be uploaded to the site for free streaming. Also, all the movies are categorized in their respective Genre, release year and the country of release.

Another best features of Viooz4k is that you can even download your favorite movies for free from this website to watch them later offline. No, you don’t need to worry about the download link, as it gets refreshed every now and then.

So there is no chance of you getting broken movie download links. In most of the online free streaming sites, you will find all the content are streamable in Full HD quality, whereas Viooz4k is allowing a 4K quality stream.

You can also check out the IMDB rating of movies, description of the movie before streaming. Also, while streaming any content, you can share it on your social media platforms too on the go. So with all these amazing features, this is also one of the bestalternatives to 123movies.


  1. Vumoo

Vumoo is also one of my personal best-streaming sites on the internet for both movies and TV shows. Here you will find both popular movies and Shows for free, and the database of the site also gets updated quickly.

So you can expect new content almost frequently, although you will not get those recently released content. And the website looks very neat and clean with the design. Everything is placed in a correct position with no unnecessary options added.

To find your desired movies or shows, you can simply use the search engine of the website, which works really well. As there is nothing like Genre-based categorization here.

Also, not all the movies are available in HD quality; some of the newly released movies also come with only a 720P resolution. Which is not bad for a website like this; atleast you are getting a seamless experience for free.

Streaming is also made very easy, and there are no issues with annoying ads and all. Simply click on the poster of the movie or show you want to stream. You will directly go to the player with no broken links. You also don’t need to take any tension of toggling through different servers, as the site automatically does it.

The only issue you can find is that, in some countries, the website may be banned by the government, so using VPN will solve the issue of the site not opening. Other than that, Vumoo is the best site to stream your desired content for free.


  1. PrimeWire:

With a site design similar to Popcornflix, PrimeWire is actually one of the good 123movies alternatives available on the internet. Here also, you will get lots of new movie updates as soon as released. So if you want to stream newly released content for free, then you can count on this website.

I have personally been using this website for quite a long time now, and there is nothing issues I have faced with this website. You can simply go to the Top IMDB section on the website, and you will get some of the great content of the website.

Also, there is a trending section where you can check out all the trending shows or movies on the internet. You don’t need to do any kind of registration for streaming movies in Primewire.

While streaming, you can also comment down about the movie or shows if you like it or not. And if you already have an account on the website, then you can also add your favorite content to your account so that you don’t need to search again.

Well, there is no such issue you would face in Primewire, but then you can always report the issue you are facing to the customer service, and the reply is quite quick. So this all makes this website one of the good free streaming sites on the web.


  1. 123movies

123movies is one of the popular online free streaming platform available on the internet today. The website is amazing with all its new feature updates. In the new update, it even has the Light mode and Dark mode feature on the website. And it looks really awesome with all these extra features.

Not only the website looks cool, but the new contents are also amazing as you will find all the newly released shows and movies. You can surely check out the Most Viewed, Top IMDB list to catch some of the amazing movies on the website to binge watch in your free time.

Like the other website, you don’t need to log in to the site to stream. But then, if you want to add any shows or movies to your Favorite list or comment on any content, then you will surely need to sign in. Now you can even follow 123movies on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

So you can easily know if any new content is released on the website or not. And you can also get connected with the vast users of 123movies around the globe. All of this makes this one of the best 123movies alternatives.



These are the website which are having close features like123movies alternatives, which makes them a great alternative. Now you don’t need to worry anymore, and you can simply click on any of the websites you like and start streaming for free. All the website mentioned here are active and getting the new content update at every interval.

Some of the platform mentioned here are mainly known for new movies or show streaming only, which is really great. The only thing you need to take care of with thesealternatives of 123movieswebsite is using VPN and adblocker if any site is not opening.

Other than that, there are no issues with any of the platform mention here in the list. So these are all, enjoy the great features of the free streaming website and Happy Streaming.